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List of Presentations

Sl. No. Title Author(s) PPT Full Text
DAY 0 | October 25, 2023 | Pre-Conference Tutorials
PT1ETD & Open Science: Maximizing the Discoverability and Impact through Persistent Identifiers (PIDs)Mohamad Mostafa and Gabriela Mejias
PT2ORCIDIvo Wijnbergen
DAY 1 | October 26, 2023 | Technical Session - 1
IP1Embarking on the Odyssey: India's Quest for 500,000 thesesProf J P Singh Joorel / Manoj Kumar K
IP2Reimaging ETD with AIShirsha Ray Chaudhuri
P1Metadata Quality Benchmarks of ETDs in International Institutional Repositories: An Automated AppraisalAditi Roy and Saptarshi Ghosh
P2Mapping the Contribution of ETDs to Shodhganga by the North-East Universities in LIS ResearchNilanjana Purkayastha and Manoj Kumar Sinha
P3Growth and Utilisation of ShodhgangaEllora Barman, S. Ravikumar and Bidyut Bikash Borauh
CP1Commercial Presentation: Drillbit
DAY 1 | October 26, 2023 | Technical Session - 2
IP3Challenges of Current and Retrospective Digital Archiving: A Guide to Best Practices of ETDsTamal Kumar Guha
P4Krishikosh: Digital Repository of National Agricultural Research and Education System (NARES): An Analytical StudyV M Bankapur and Manjunath B Hadimani
P5Measuring Central Universities' Research Contribution to the Nation (India): An Assessment of ETDs (Shodhganga)Manmeet Kaur and Raja Ram Bhat
P6Access and Citing Theses Literature: A Study of the Role of Repositories and Academic Search EnginesVijayakumar P and Vijayakumar M
P7Tracing the Flow of Shodh from the Valley of Himalayas: Shodhganga in ContextSheikh Shueb, Sumeer Gul and Aabid Hussain
P8Impact Analysis of Shodhganga ETD Repository through the Lens of Scopus Citing Documents Pallab Pradhan and Lavji N Zala
DAY 1 | October 26, 2023 | Technical Session - 3
IP4Enhancing Catalog Records of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) with ORCID Identifiers: A Case Study at the University of Tennessee Libraries Anchalee Panigabutra-Roberts
IP5Promoting Open Access to Scholarly Data: A Study of the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Initiative at the Public and Private Universities of BangladeshMd Zillur Rahman
IP6Open Access Repository and Availability of ETDs in NepalJagadish Chandra Aryal
P9Libraries and Sustainable Development Goals: Case study of Atmiya University Library and Learning CentreSheetal Tank
P9Global Recommendation on Open Science and ETDs: Current Status and the Way Forward for IndiaChinchu C
P10Exploring the Intersection of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) and Open Science in the 21st Century Library Science Landscape through Analysis of OATD.orgSubhajit Panda and Shahzeb Hasan
P11Promoting Open Science through ETDs in Bangladesh: Challenges and Strategies for Knowledge Sharing and Research VisibilitySusmita Das, Lalitha Poluru and Sridhar Gutam
P13Enhancing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) Metadata Lifecycle: A Framework for Best PracticeMurtala Aminu, Mayank Trivedi and Sahabi Abubakar Kaoje
P14Open Access ETDs: Evidence from IndiaWasim Rahaman, Bhavesh Patel, Abhishek Sahu
DAY 2 | October 27, 2023 | Technical Session - 4
IP7Discovering Invisible Scholarship of ETDs: A Global PerspectiveNabi Hasan
IP8Towards Metadata Completeness in National ETD Portals for Improved DiscoverabilityAdrian Chisale and Lighton Phiri
P15Scenario of University Libraries Initiative Towards Institutional Repositories in Nagpur Region: An Analysis of University Library's Webpages Shivani Balkundi and Vrushali Bhalerao
P16The Impact of Ontologies and the Semantic Web on Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Publishing B Abhijith and K G Sudhier
P17A Visibility Check of Disaster Management ETDs in Shodhganga Bhavya K P and V K Dhanyasree
P18Findability and Accessibility of Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repositories of Newly Established Central Universities in IndiaAqib Mehroof and Somesh Rai
CP3Commercial Presentation: eAarjav
CP4Commercial Presentation: Thomson Reuters
DAY 2 | October 27, 2023 | Technical Session - 5
IP9Assessing and Promoting Metadata Quality for Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Institutional Repositories using a Policy-Driven ApproachCecilia C Kasonde and Lighton Phiri
IP10Knowledge Discovery using Citation Connection: Innovative Research ToolHepsibah Sharmil
P19ETDs Metadata Practices of Indian Institutes of Technology: A Comparative StudySakshi Devi and Dimple Patel
P20Shodhganga Metadata Standards and Other Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) Standards: A Comparative Study and AnalysisVivek Ranjan, Manoj Kumar K and K B Agadi
P21Access Policies and the Growth of Print and Online Theses in Language Universities in IndiaMaitrayee Ghosh and Gunjan Jain
P22Current Status of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) in Shodhganga by State Universities in West BengalAshish Mishra
P23User Experience and Accessibility Challenges of Electronic Theses and DissertationsParmar Bhavini Laxmanbhai and Saurabh Patel
P24Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs): A Scientometrics Analysis of Research PublicationsPanna Chaudhari and T S Kumbar
P25ETDs on Public Domain: Cyber Security and Intellectual Property Rights IssuesAlaknanda Rajawat, S P S Shekhawat and Manoj Kumar K
DAY 2 | October 27, 2023 | Technical Session - 6
IP11ETD: Case Studies and Best PracticesAkhtar Parvez
P26Landscape of Metadata Schemas for Research Data Repositories: FAIRsharing AnalysisManu T R and Nabi Hasan
P27Development of Interoperable RDRs System in India: A Conceptual ProposalManu T R and Bhakti Gala
P28Exploring Metadata Quality for Scientific Data in Indian Research Data Repositories: A SurveySanghamitra Dalbehera
P29Indian Contribution to Medicine Datasets: An AnalysisNayanthara S and Anila Sulochana
P30An Analysis of the Research Output of India's North-Eastern Region Central Universities in OER With a Special Focus on Shodhganga RepositoryMukesh Saikia and Anuj Kumar Singh
P31Research Data Repositories in Perspective of Climate Change: India to lead the World in Big Data Analytics with G-20 SummitBirender Pal, Sanjay Kumar Singh and Prasanta Kumar Deka
CP5Commercial Presentation: Balani Infotech
CP6Commercial Presentation: American Chemical Society
DAY 2 | October 27, 2023 | Technical Session - 7
IP12Case Study of Analyzing the Variety of ETD LayoutsSung Hee Park, Bipasha Banerjee, William A. Ingram and Edward A Fox
IP13Iranian National Electronic Theses and Dissertations Program: Development, Achievements, and ObstaclesSirous Alidousti and Behrooz Rasuli
P32Contribution of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) by the Universities of Andhra Pradesh to the Shodhganga Project of INFLIBNET: A StudyN Hari Lakshmi and C Vani
P33Understanding and Perceptions of Institutional Repositories among the Academic Community in Rayalaseema region, Andhra PradeshRK Kishore Patnala, Ch Veeranjaneyulu and Vaijinath S Birangal
P34Empowering Research Communities: Implementing ETDs as Catalysts for Knowledge Sharing at Chitkara University PunjabJaswinder Pal Singh and Baljinder Kaur
P35Role of ETD Repository in the University Libraries of Assam Sukanya Pathak
P36What is the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on the Use of INFLIBNET by Indian Subject Experts in Biological Sciences? M A Deepamala Balakrishnan and Ananthanarayana Sharma
P37Restructuring and Upgradation of the DSpace-based Institutional Repository of CEPT University Library: A Case StudyNamrata Dobariya and Gayatri Doctor
P38Trends in Women Studies, 2011-2020: A Computational Text AnalysisSuman Das, Manoj Kumar K, Anup Kumar Das and Manorama Tripathi
P39Biomedical Theses and Dissertations Landscape from a National and International Perspective: A Case Study on Chronic Myelogenous LeukemiaSangeeta Narang and Vineeta Dhyani
P40UX aspect of ETD Repositories of Top Ten Central Universities: A Comparative Evaluation through Webometric MethodsTwinkal Singh and Somesh Rai
DAY 3 | October 28, 2023 | Technical Session - 8
IP14Analysis of PhDs awarded by Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and Electronic Thesis available in Shodhganga RepositoryManju Naika
IP15Building Vibrant Research Culture through ETDs: Special Reference from Sri Lanka and BangladeshKamani Perera, Md. Zillur Rahman, Anushka Earskin and Indika Wijayasriwardana
P41Technical Aspects of Managing a Large-Scale ETD Repository - Insights from ShodhgangaSwapnil Patel and Yatrik Patel
P42Unveiling the Growth and Usage Pattern of Electronic Theses and Dissertations through National ETD Repository: A Case Study of ShodhgangaSurbhi and Rajan Kumar